Hi Design Studio Is a full-service web design agency utilizing the latest technology to plan, design, build, and deliver websites, logos, and graphic design services that grow business and organizations. Since its beginnings as www.hidesignstudios.com back in October of 2001, Hi Design Studio's has established an outstanding reputation for design work for web sites, print, character, and many other digital graphics packages. Always dedicated to exceptional customer service, I create solutions that integrate perfectly with brand development, while still offering affordable prices when they’re needed most.

Custom Design

I work side-by-side with all my clients to create the best design that is most appealing to their target customers.  With me, you have unlimited design concepts at your fingertips, as I will custom create the perfect design for you.  You can also check out my outstanding portfolio for inspiration, guidance and customize your favorite elements to fit your design.  You will have a personal designer working on your project, giving you even greater opportunities to mix and match your ideas and vision until I have created the design you love!

Quality Marketing

I will confidently offer your business premium website design service to all search engines, because I have assembled the greatest code around in order to produce the results you expect and need for your business to stand out on the internet. I work with you personally and research independently the best ways to understand your target audience and address those needs. I also host all websites on my own servers. This means I will do it all for you, from idea conception, to final published product.  I absolutely love what I do, and I work tirelessly until you love your design, too!

Once you have your web site Designed and Hosted, what are you going to do to Market your site? Most web site owners have no clue as to 'How to Market' their site; Where do you start, and what should you know and expect from your webmaster.

Depending on the contracted terms, you can really be in for a surprise! You find out that there are 'hidden' costs, fees and penalties for all these other services? That is why I have set up 3 different Plans to choose from. One thing you should NEVER expect from a web site, is instant success! Just because it's published and your Store is open, does not guarantee one single sale!

Hopefully you have completely thought out your 'Business Strategy', made your 'Plan', and implemented a strong 'Advertising Campaign' to direct traffic to your online store, and target your projected audience?

My Platinum Package will TAKE all the guesswork out of your hands, and keep you focused on running your business, NOT your web site!